i havent read all of Conrad's novels, but I've read a few and think this one is the best... it is one of those books that u read so much at one time b/c you can't stop flipping the pages... i was surprised to look at how many pages i read at the end of the day... also, conrad makes the main character so intriguing that you are able to fully understand him and respect him for the type of person he is... He (Nostromo) is not a perfect character, but that's one of the things that makes him so easy to relate to....<br><br>from what i've come across, it seems that both HEART OF DARKNESS and THE SECRET AGENT are much more acclaimed than NOSTROMO........ i've read both of them and in my opinion NOSTROMO surpasses them<br><br>my home page: www.angelfire.com/journal/pacrome <br>