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Thread: Psycho Killer, The Russian Edition

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    Well, I’ll weigh in on the memorial dinner. I’m sure critics over the years have found deep meaning in it, but I found myself sort of snickering all the way through it. You see, it reminded me of just about every family get-together I’ve ever been to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellsapoppin View Post
    fire away ...
    I stopped before the concluding point but luhzin accused Sonia of stealing a hundred rouble note from him. she says she didn't do it, and as they searched her, the note fell out of one her pockets. she still says she didn't do it.

    its interesting how we also want beauty to be good and if she did indeed steal it, maybe itd be all the more tragic on that account.

    raskol is eyeing her in the midst of the conflict---Dostoevsky says his eyes were glowing. im not sure how to take that yet---maybe something along the lines of admiration.

    I havent noticed a festivus pole in the chapter yet.
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    Sonia - Mary Magdalene ??

    After a prolonged argument/discussion among Rascal, Raz, Svidrigailov, and Dounia, Rascal ventures to Sonia's garret. It is clearly evident that he is troubled by his conscience. She also is not doing all that well. Earlier, there had been some discussion that only the sick (mentally, spiritually, physically) see ghosts. She believes she sees her dead father. Rascal says "perhaps there is no god at all". He proceeds to kiss her feet and explains that "I bowed down to all the suffering of humanity".

    Throughout this I was reminded of Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany in the New Testament. Both of them were said to be women of sin which suggests they were prostitutes. Mary of Bethany washed Jesus's feet as an act of penance. Mary Magdalene served Jesus also as an act of penance. "What would I be without God" she asks. "Ras says "she is a religious maniac". Sonia prostitutes herself in order to financially support her family. Ras says all this results in "shame and dogmatic - better to go into the water".

    Ras asks about Lazarus who was raised from the dead. "I shall be a religious maniac - it's infectious". He proceeds to tell her "I have abandoned my family today" and (paraphrasing Chernychevksy) asks "what is to be done?" His answer: "break what must be broken = freedom and power".

    He indicates that he knows who killed Lizaveta leaving Sonia with the idea that he may or will soon reveal the answer to that mystery.
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    wait until you get to chapter 4 in the next part poppin---raskols interaction with Sonia is huge!

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