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    The inky caps were huddled
    Under dew dampened shadows,
    Poppy in her red, coat put her
    Tongue out to the puddle,
    The day time moon
    Faded to the blue,
    An old woman, head tied in a scarf
    Sucked the smoke out of a rollie
    Past her big yellow teeth
    To her blistered lungs,
    Ripe to pop,
    Terminal auburn leaves
    Waited for the fall,
    A steaming dog shat
    And demanded the old man
    Clean it up,
    The foam slick in the river
    Passed by,
    A man on a bench suckled
    On a breakfast beer,
    A church bell told
    Of God's death
    Eight times.

    Bloody eyes looked lustful
    From the dinge of the copse,
    The hirsute body
    Hard and hungry,
    Webs of spittle in open mouth,
    Hairy c ock dripping
    To the uncut grass,
    Poppy grabbed her daddy's hand,
    Warm and warted
    Too swollen and clumsy for hers,
    The wolf sprang from the copse
    Ripped out Daddy's throat
    (Stubble trimmed at 1.5mm
    An hour before)
    And spat it out
    On the inky caps.

    Hand held in paw
    He raised to his hind legs
    And walked his girl to school.
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    A sordid tale well told and fleshed out... enjoyed.

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),

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