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Thread: Looking for a story

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    Looking for a story

    Hi guys

    I'm looking for a ghost story I once read. It concerns two ghost hunters. One always carries a pistol and the other always carries a cane called a Penang-lawyer. As they continue to investigate cases, the pistol-carrying man begins to believe that some cases are genuine hauntings, but the other man becomes a hardcore skeptic. They finally investigate an apartment I think on the fourth floor of a building at the back where a man went insane and died. The place is notorious for people dying in the room or jumping from that floor to the street. In the course of their investigation, the man with the cane goes to spend the night in the room against the other man's stern advice. He is to knock on the wall with the cane once if he hears something, twice if he sees something, and three times if something is there. During the night all three knocks come in swift succession, but when the other man rushes in his friend is dead. If you recognize the story, please let me know.


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    not familiar to me pendragon but...

    does the use of a "penang-lawyer" give a clue as to the location of the story or maybe the ethnicity of the author? do you remember any of the character's names?

    or how/where it was you came to read the story?

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