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Thread: movie - the sea wolf

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    did u mean that they were 'enthralled', nice going English teacher...

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    I'm also sure you meant "see" in 'seen the archtype...'

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    Mrs. Frost: When you identify yourself as a teacher you will find that there is always some smartass who takes exception to your composition.<br>As for "The Sea Wolf", I suggest that you get a copy of the book-on-tape version read by Stuart Whitman. Although it is abridged, it is terrific!!!

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    anne frost

    movie - the sea wolf

    We have just finished watching the '1941 version of "the sea wolf" and are totally entralled by the portrayal of the captain and van weyden. As a high school English teacher I am anxious to teach the written story to my students and to show them a reenactment of the actions and for them to seen the archtype characterizations. <br><br>Take care, Mrs. Frost

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    There is a 4-part miniseries adaptation made in USSR back in 1990, starring a very handsome Lithuanian actor. Too bad it's not available in American format, and it doesn't have any subtitles. I speak Russian, so I can appreciate the accuracy of the dialogue.

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