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    You're Bullllllllllllllll

    That's a bunch of Bull s***!! if you think Wolf larson is scary you should look at me. you'd run screaming like the baby you are. and he was right about how if you care you become weak. I guess you care too much.

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    No Subject

    Are you really 14? That's a pretty big vocabulary for an 8th grader. I think it's wonderful that you are reading literature like this book on your own and forming your own analysis of the book vs. the "programmed" high school analysis. It's good to see people think for themselves when receiving an education.

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    Wolf Larsen

    My name is Connor. I am 14 and I truely love this book. The character, Wolf Larsen, seemed to be extremely frightening. While his outlook on life surprised me it also depressed me. While I might be a sentimentalist which is why I considered Wolf Larsen's outlook and could only take it as a lonely man's view. The character was so powerful and untouchable that his mind told him to care was to become weak. Jack London showed in the novel that it was actually the opposite. Jack's character, Hump,(notice I say 'hump' not Humphrey Van Weyden) was the oposite of Wolf and cast this story. Anyway I just thought this was a great book and really wanted to talk about it.

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