THC with Cream

October of 1968 was a dry period for weed smokers in San Diego. Some say it was a terminal case of supply and demand. So many new potheads were created during the Summer of Love, it put a strain on the limited supply of the growing fields in Mexico, which failed to keep up with demand.

“Besides that, it’s the wrong time of the season right now,” they said, and we listened.

Kristina and I were going to see the super group Cream at the Sports Arena in a week and wanted to make sure we were “prepared” for the concert. She was busy sewing up the last side of an enormous beanbag chair we intended to use for furniture when tiny Styrofoam beads scattered themselves all over the rug.

“This isn’t as easy as the cat-nip bags we made for Tut.”

Tutankhamun was our new kitty, but nobody could pronounce his name, so we just called him Tut. We got him as a companion to our Afghan Hound, Mahmud. An Afghan name for dog born in the U.S, named after an Afghan hero, because his owner fell in love with Black Afghan Primo hash from the very first puff because it showed strength and blew him away.

“That’s because those mini-pillows were only four-inches square. This monster is more like three feet.”

“Then help me lift this up, will you?”

I packed in a few more handfuls of beads, pinching the edge so she could finish the seam. Now that we were done, we felt we deserved a reward, but like I said, there was no weed around, which prompted my next remark.

“You know. I just read a few days ago in a magazine they’ve finally synthesized Tetrahydrocannabinol.”

“What’s that?”

“It the chemical that gets you high in weed.”

She pulled the gigantic pillow from the sewing machine, sat down on the floor, placed an ashtray close at hand and sparked up one of her signature Marlboro Reds. After the first puff she grew more relaxed, and by the second, more contemplative.

“And why would “they” want to do that?”

I had to think about it. This was taking more time than normal. Without weed to oil it, my brain was getting rusty, I just knew it.

“Just to prove they can, I guess.”

To be continued…