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Thread: Blackness on sea

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    Blackness on sea

    Winds paint themselves
    Into the eyes of the
    Mermaid's self portrait.
    The sea dances with
    Dreams to the sinuous
    Music of Blackness on
    Sea. Haunting essence
    Of the Lobster pot, mermaid
    Whispers its stories to
    The waters, its mystery
    Is caught in the disparate
    Places of a small town.
    Clouds are like
    Coins that never reach
    The wishing well,
    Boatmasters and mariners
    Kept stories they could
    Never tell. Sky is
    Like a Gypsy in reverie
    Who has been persuaded
    To stay. Push and pull
    Of the tide, inside lobster
    Pot landlord pulls pint, part
    Of an unofficial covenant,
    Customers are granted
    Sanctuary. Time between tides, opening hours,
    Empty glasses blurred
    Through time. Where
    Do ghosts reside?, land
    Or ocean. Spirits are
    Poured into heaven by
    The landlord Blackness
    On sea, they whisper their stories into a glass full of eternity. Water is Blackness
    On seas biographer in
    Sound, the stories
    Of the undrowned are
    Delivered. Images
    Not found on postcards,
    Eyes of the wind cannot
    Find their reflection.
    Noise from tides is
    Like the ticking of
    Pocket watch left on
    Hand mirror.
    Wind blows against windows
    As an ageing local
    Sees face in two different
    Pieces of glass. Before
    Beginning its journey
    A bottle offers an old
    Man his final reflection
    As the eyes of the
    Wind read the message inside.

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    Enjoyed The lines that most caught my eye was: "Clouds are like/Coins that never reach/The wishing well

    Thank you for sharing !

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),

    who am I but a stitch in time
    what if I were to bare my soul
    would you see me origami


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