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    My friend Pete is a good man,
    been with the Company for 9 years,
    married to his wife for 7 years.

    He quit drinking 2 years ago and is quitting
    caffeine this year.
    He wants to eliminate
    gluten from his diet next year.

    Never had an accident (caused a few, though),
    cuts his grass every Saturday at 9 a.m. sharp.

    He's always on time,
    and his shirts are neatly pressed

    At conferences, I see him grinning over the
    top of a cup of white chocolate mocha with soy,
    and I always wave my vodka in his direction.

    He is what women call "solid," and then
    they say, "well, it was time to settle down, and
    he was there"

    and I can understand that.

    He will likely pass quietly in the night,
    with that "peaceful look" spread across his face.

    I often hear his loud clean laugh at parties,
    happy and content,

    as I fuc k his wife in the pool room.

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    Hi Tony, Nice twist at the end, but I rather think that, from a poetical perspective, you should ditch the first three stanzas. The poem doesn't start until, "He's always on time..." What comes before isn't poetic. They are more like character notes for the author. The reader doesn't need them.

    Live and be well - H

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