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Thread: dreams?!

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    Lightbulb dreams?!

    How often do you dream?
    and what is your most real dream about?
    it may never try
    but when it does it sigh
    it is just that
    it fly

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    Not dreaming very often now... sleep deprived too much. R.E.M. sleep is non-existent on my sleep app results. When I do dream: flying over a field on our property, working at the bowling alleys where I was employed at (lol). Wrote a short poem in the Nonsense Poetry thread about the former

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    Was the flying self levitation Tailor? I used to do that, (almost consciously!), in my dreams at an earlier age: but not now. I could even direct where I was to travel across continents.

    Recently, (perhaps from stress), its the frustrating dreams: like being unable to get home, losing my key, missing the last train etc.

    The best ones are when your parents are standing there at the side of the bed. Very comforting.

    Graham Green always used to write down whatever dreams he had as soon as he woke. Perhaps as a source of inspiration?
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    I guess I still dream a lot but today I usually donīt remember my dreams.
    I remember older dreams. Usually I was in a perilous situation or in a situation without solution and are saved by waking up. I also dreamed a lot about animals.

    I donīt remember any actual levitation, but sometimes, when I am half asleep and wake up suddenly, there is this curious sensation, that something that was hovering around reenters the body.
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