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Thread: The Dead See

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    The Dead See

    Do we sleep on soft sands that hold

    Our heads with creases of dark dreams?

    The night sky sliding through star beams.

    Should we shape driftwood of distress untold?

    Two people pressing imprints in the sand,

    The wash of turf bursting wide and clean,

    Grit and dead shells span the shore and sea.

    Watching you dream in cold drifts so damp.

    You said the dark wall above water and shore

    Stares back when we press up against the edge;

    When it whispers words we wish we never said,

    Shadows of waves often take on other forms.

    What I recall, now, from when I woke up

    This morning, was the sun like a lemon to an ant.

    The salt air stung my eyes open to what I canít

    See without closing the lids of them shut.

    Waves race and crash in lapping ebb and flow

    And winds scrape our skin as we sit here and blink

    To a vastness above in blue mass that clouds bring

    With shapes and forms that could be never told.

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    Beautiful poem

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),

    who am I but a stitch in time
    what if I were to bare my soul
    would you see me origami


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