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Thread: Two Voices on Hallowed Ground

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    Two Voices on Hallowed Ground

    Two Voices on Hallowed Ground

    I envisioned in lucid abstraction:
    Two iron gates...two halves of a single whole
    Each a guardian wrought with care
    Refined with an eternal fire

    The left gate:
    My mandala is one of harmony
    Not unlike the Peonies
    That brace my framework's heart and soul
    Bravely I grace each blessed day
    Bashfully I greet each guest
    With love and honor

    The right gate:
    My mandala is one of peace
    Whose center is the Jasmine -
    Replicated throughout my latticed frame
    Modestly I grace each lonesome night
    Even as the fragrant Jasmine blooms
    With love and purity

    Together we greet the quick and the dead
    Guarding this hallowed sanctuary from earthly cares
    Awaiting the joining of spirit and body yet to come

    12/2/2021 r. 3/7/2022

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
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