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Thread: the golden

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    the golden

    the golden

    golden are they the believers so au fait with
    their zodiac sky signed so aligned down and up
    kindling imaginations such forests rage so
    unbridled golden they are seemingly floating
    on pipe-dreamt clouds seeking fortunes as so many
    before scrabbled like wraiths pealing their iron bells
    they belie the golden who live outer and down

    12/11/2021 r. 12/16/2021

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),

    note: a "golden shovel" poetic form using the line:
    "with up so floating many bells down" from anyone lived in a pretty how town
    - ee cummings

    " iron bells" a nod to Edgar Allen Poe's poem The Bells re: tragedy and death

    who am I but a stitch in time
    what if I were to bare my soul
    would you see me origami


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    Beautiful. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

    Try to live in harmony with people and nature

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    love this one

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