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    Hello Fridge

    Hello fridge
    I see you have milk
    Good job, well done
    Hello cornfkakes
    Dallying in the milk,
    Good morning Mr postman
    Sorry your wife left you, yes
    You have a good day too,
    I see you airliner
    Striping the sky,
    Hello kids, skipping to school,
    Seagulls bringing the sounds of the sea.
    Homeless man in the bus station.
    Heres 50p for a cup of tea
    I'm walking here
    I'm alive and walking here
    Through this morning
    Good morning man putting your bins out
    Good morning emergency ambulance
    Hope its not too bad,
    I could do anything today
    Hello seesaw
    I'm going to sit on you
    Then have a go on the swings
    Hey swans I'm going to swim with you
    You lot and me
    In the estuary
    Every river
    It leads to the sea.
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