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    This thing, this tragedy
    that happened to you,
    and to your family
    left behind.

    Who knows what
    is in the hearts and minds
    of parents,
    but it is a fact
    they both
    still love you,

    Do you know that?
    You must...

    Your soul is
    so white
    filled with pure innocence
    and love.

    Where are you now,
    while the living remember
    the prints you left behind?

    The sunny counter
    with the solitary glass
    illuminated in the afternoon light
    evokes so much pain.

    They yelled
    because you forgot
    maybe too often
    to clean up.

    Sometimes you appear
    before them
    in the faces
    of other children.

    Wanting to reach out
    for your hand,
    but your ghost
    has already run away.

    We will never know
    the loss they feel
    when standing in
    your bedroom doorway.

    The bed is made
    and your alarm clock
    sits on the bedside table
    still announcing the daily time.

    Memories fade,
    the happy ones
    stay longer
    but unanswered questions
    can remain lingering
    in the back of the mind.

    And when there
    was such joy
    you'd both stand
    with a clenched fist
    smiling side by side.

    So alike
    you, his great beauty
    wearing the cap
    you could have been him
    when he was younger.

    You wonder how
    much he loved you?
    So much he clenched his
    fist and only erupted
    in anger with words.

    A shadow you are now
    but he saw the potential
    shadow of his own
    failures in you.

    He yelled
    because he wanted
    you to be better
    and it weighed on him.

    Now he is tired
    With heavy eyes
    and hunch shoulders.

    But he smiles more now
    because he knows
    what he has
    because of what he lost.

    Do these words
    help you find some
    truth about your life
    and give some peace
    in the next?

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    Love it

    Try to live in harmony with people and nature

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