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    Ella and Sam

    Ella and Sam

    Falling into your life
    just the two of us
    you showed me your
    hidden treasure.

    Smiling you opened
    your veiled door
    innocently placing each secret
    into my hands.

    Holding each one
    as if to divine mystical knowledge
    I learned of your faith,
    heartbreaking family story,
    and your inner self doubts.

    This tray of rotten fruit
    you handed me
    is filled with your sorrow.

    So in turn I unlocked
    my own treasure chest.

    And showed you
    all the shatter shards
    of sparkling glass
    from acute physical pain
    and broken bones.

    Despite this accumulated mess
    you still reached in
    and touched it,
    by recoiling away
    you cut yourself.

    To get your attention back
    I yelled, "It stinks!"
    You turned and watched,

    The drama of my
    biting, chewing, and swallowing
    of your sorrow
    while almost gagging
    on the stench and taste
    of foul fruit.

    After wiping my mouth
    on the back of my hand
    I offered you a bandaid
    and asked you,
    "Now that you are bleeding,
    What are you going to do?"

    Looking into my eyes and embracing me,
    you answered, "I want to ease your pain."
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    It's a profound, beautiful and skillful poem you shared here. Loved it.

    Try to live in harmony with people and nature

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