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... In the Soul of Baseball book, O’Neil at one point goes to the funeral for Ted “Double Duty” Radcliffe and delivers the eulogy. Radcliffe had played in the Negro leagues as a catcher and a pitcher, hence the nickname “Double Duty”. In the eulogy Buck O’Neil tells the story of one of those exhibition games. Cobb was trying to steal a base and Radcliffe, as catcher, threw him out. Things were looking tense until, as Cobb recalled, he saw that Radcliffe had written on his chest protector — “Thou Shalt Not Steal.”

Okay, one more. Catcher In The Wry, by Bob Uecker. It’s kind of a sleeper in the canon of baseball literature, but Christ did I laugh while reading this book. Never a dull moment in the dugout with Uke, eh?

By the way, bounty, I also laughed out loud at the Abbot and Costello pic.

"Double Duty" Radcliffe ~ I have two autographs of him. Met him twice (once in Chicago's Comiskey Park & another time in St Paul's MLK Center) and what a genuine nice guy he was!

Bob Uecker ~ I used to have his baseball card. He sure made baseball radio broadcasts into much fun.

Abbott & Costello ~ Who's on first? One of my all time fave comedy skits.