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Thread: Rock and Roll parts 1 and 2

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    Rock and Roll parts 1 and 2

    I've just found out that there are
    No paedophiles registered
    As living in my street
    Life is neat
    When no paedophiles live in your street
    Betty at number ten
    Is a little bit S and M
    But f uck them.
    And George can wear a dress
    At his own address.
    My neighbour has a gay daughter
    She's always happy but never eats
    Being anorexic
    And body dismorpihic
    But Gary Glitter isn't two doors away.
    I'm in love with my coffee table
    I identify as people who are in love with their coffee tables.
    We get it on
    Big time.
    It's knots are my knots.
    I identify as no longer relevant.
    But my street is paedophile free.
    Apart from Percy the perv
    With the bobble hat
    At number three.
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    Another great one Jerry

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