Here is the link to Yes/No poetry and pictures blog. It´s no secret, he put the link under his last posts in Litnet: I haven´t visited the page for a time now, the religious walks seem to be a more recent activity.

People like Christopher Knight generally are forced sooner or late to readjust to "normal life" specially if they live in countries like our (though there are places to disappear in both of them) where they are considered unproductive. The thing is you have to pay somehow for the food you consume.

Yes, many US people seem to have an adventurous streak in them and I think that is where the good stories are born. In Brazil it exists too and yes, there are still places not reached by internet, where you can disappear for years. But there also is a lot of misery and violence. Brazilian middle classes were always precarious and with the pandemics they had to face poverty. And many, many people live in the streets and depend on donations to get basic meals. So that´s plane misery.

On a happier and more adventurous note: there is the Schürmann Family, from Santa Catarina, who practically lives on a sailing boat.They sailed aroud the wold several times and what it´s still better, they wrote books about it.