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    Prince Andrew's at Balmoral
    and quite bankrupt, morally,
    hiding where the law's arm
    must retract and leave him be -
    out there in old Scottish grounds,
    highlands owned by English crown,
    shan't be shaken,
    neither stirred
    and this case
    shall not be heard.
    Sleeps he well -
    four poster bed -
    this poster boy
    for shame and dread,
    pubescent girls
    on which he preyed
    must wait, still wait
    while Andrew stays
    sequestered at Mother's estate
    behind high walls,
    wrought iron gates
    and rolling fields
    with craggy rocks
    land to roam
    and take one's shot
    at grouse,
    perhaps, and pheasants too -
    should a prince
    need things to do.

    Copyright Yafeu-Khamisi Rodway-Brown
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