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Thread: High School Delusions

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    High School Delusions

    High School Delusions

    Mike looked up in the sky as he was walking home from high school. He could feel it coming. The super saiyans were coming for him. He had been channeling his ki and knew they would grab him from where he was any day now. When he got home he grilled a burger and baked some fries. He did some pushups in the meantime and some sit-ups.
    His brother Sam younger brother passed by him in the kitchen and asked “How are you doing today Mike? How are your classes?”
    “Not too good. I don’t see the point. The saiyans are going to be coming for me any day”, Mike responded.
    “Haha? Are you serious? Hmmm. Well, best of luck I guess. I don’t really see how that’s possible” said Sam.
    Mike paid him no attention though. He knew he would be fine. He had already been charging up to become super saiyan in his room. He had been failing his classes, and did not care too much about it. He started imagining talking to the super humans. He discussed how he would train and master all the fundamentals of the saiyan requirements.
    ************ 5 months later *******
    “You are going take 5 milligrams of Abilify a day. That should help the voices and the delusions”, the doctor said to Mike and his mother at the doctor’s office.
    He had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, an incurable mental illness. This would change his life forever.

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    It's short, contemporary, realistic, good. Welcome to Litnet.

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