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    Question Sensuality

    D.H. Lawrence, Women in Love: What is the notion of sensuality adopted by Birkin, especially when discussed in "Moony" chapter, when he says the relation between senses and outspoken mind was broken? Then he mentions that goodness ... lapsed and was replaced by a sort of knowledge through senses. Is this not contradictory?
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    After many weeks lapsed and no answer, rereading the text for so many times, it seems I should answer the question myself!
    No it is not contradictory and in fact, D.H. Lawrence has referred to and deeply analyzed one of the most crucial points of the rise and collapse of civilizations: the knowledge in disintegration and dissolution begins when the pure sensuality cannot be perceived and it reforms into mystical sensuality which is the key factor and turning point in cognitive system of a civilization leading eventually to its collapse!

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