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Thread: Some reprises for St Patrick's Day

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    Some reprises for St Patrick's Day

    Despite all one's hopes to the contrary, yer ol' Auntie isn't getting younger as the days drone on. There are some notions masquerading as ideas rattling around in the ol' beaner, and with any luck they will mature and find their way to this website.

    In the meantime, allow yours fooly to mimic a practice from an off-brand cable network and run a couple of mouldering ("moldering"?) posts from the past.

    For St Patrick’s Day

    And finally, forgive me for this: a ditty from way back in the pre-pandemic days of 1996:

    Tour Allure, Ah!

    “I’m enjoying my trip to the Emerald isle,”
    said Mary Beth, with her American smile
    o’er her Irish brew mixed with sturdy stout —
    “but when do the leprechauns come out?”

    To which to Keeper of the Pub
    replied — giving her noggin a rub —
    “Sure and you’ll be seein’ wee ones, Lass,
    If you keep tippin’ that mighty glass!”

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    Loved it Aunty.

    Happy Saint Patricks.

    Pubs all in lockdown here, but will raise my tin of Guinness to you.

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    Lol! Happy ST Patrick´s to all his children!
    "I seemed to have sensed also from an early age that some of my experiences as a reader would change me more as a person than would many an event in the world where I sat and read. "
    Gerald Murnane, Tamarisk Row

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