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Thread: I saw a man I didn't like

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    I saw a man I didn't like

    He was in tesco
    Holding a can of plum tomatoes,
    I didn't like him.
    Was never going to like him.
    He was wearing denim jeans
    You shouldn't wear denim jeans
    Over 40. He was about 55.
    I didn't like him
    An obvious c unt
    Didnt like his shoes
    C unt shoes
    C unt socks too
    I pictured myself
    picking up a can
    Of baked beans
    And smashing his skull
    With 57 varieties
    But I didn't.
    I'm good like that.
    He owes me his life now
    And has to pay.
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    loves this. See Bukowski in it.

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