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Thread: MY BOOK OF POETRY by J. Ben Avraham

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    MY BOOK OF POETRY by J. Ben Avraham


    I'd like to welcome all readers to my "poetry section" of my eBook "God Tales, An Anthology". I am sure many have read some of my short stories and also, my "Book of Memories". Now, this is the poetry section. The following were written to the glory and honor of God. All are my original works, not for the sake of pride, but to create an awareness of faith and a relationship with our Creator God.

    My poems are all centered in my eBook in PDF Format, but it seems like in these threads, all the words are shoved to the left. Oh well, what can we do? just read and enjoy. I will enter more under "Go Advanced".

    Messianic Rabbi; Ben Avraham.



    To see the daughter of Zion gone astray, so far from Torah's way,
    to see the tears of captive Zion, when she could have called out to Judah's lion.
    Does she not know that he came to set captives free, and open blind eyes to see?

    ….and Yeshua wept.

    Oh Yerushalayim, who murdered the prophets who spoke of me, you had the
    Torah which pointed me out to thee.

    ….and Yeshua wept.

    I AM who I AM, the Son of David of Bethlehem came, to open blind eyes and to
    heal the lame. To do these things only Messiah can. Wake up! Wake up! Oh Zion
    for I AM the Son of Man.

    ...and Yeshua weeps

    for the stone-cold hearts and strange beliefs, for Messiah came once as foretold,
    by the holy prophets of old, as Adonai's sacrificial lamb, and will come again, as the
    Lion of Judah, to rule the land.

    …and Yeshua weeps

    Oh Israel, Oh Israel can't you see? Can't you see? I opened my arms with love, on
    Calvary's tree, to receive all of you unto me.

    ...and Yeshua still weeps

    for those who still have hearts of stone, for those who reject him still,
    for all eternity will live alone, unto outer darkness they will be cast,
    condemnation for Jew and Gentile alike, and forever it will last.

    So, come all ye people come, to Judah's Messiah, time is short, so ye had better run.
    Run to the cross on Calvary's hill, to He who gave his life, whose blood he did spill.
    He bled for you and for me, to save our souls, from sin to make us free.


    The Way of the cross is God's only way, to save a lost sinner from sin's eternal fate.
    The Passover lamb, God's perfect plan, to pay the debt of sin when God became man.

    One Cross, One God, One Way.

    Messiah Yeshua, his cross he did bare, His cross was our cross, for our sins to us were
    a snare.

    One Cross, One God, One Way.

    The One God dressed as man, the One God who is *Echad I AM, who came to Israel's
    land, to become the Passover lamb, who was, is and will be, who took us from the land
    of *Nod, to set us free.

    *Echad = “ch” pronounced as “h” meaning “unity of ONE” “Tri-Unity” “Elohim”
    *Nod = Wandering without direction, aimlessly, the “way of Cain”.


    There was a man named Yeshua Ben David, sent by Heaven, to set free captive souls,
    to redeem you and me, to take our stripes, and die upon a tree.

    There was a man named Yeshua Ben David

    A man he was, and God He is, and forever will He be, our LORD, our Savior, our
    Messiah, from the curse of sin He set us free.

    There was a man named Yeshua Ben David

    who guides us all in Torah's way, whose glory to gaze on we will someday, who took
    from us, sin's great weight.

    There is a man named Yeshua Ben David

    who was, is, and always will be, KING of kings, and LORD of lords, a man, our God
    forever more.

    (part 1)

    It all happened in the garden, I know, because I was there.

    We were both very happy, the man and I, in the midst of God's perfect garden,
    until against Him, did we both defy.
    A perfect environment, a gift to us from above, a lovely home, God's gift of love.
    Then it happened, the enemy came, deceived me he did, to me he laid claim.

    It all happened in the garden, I know, because I was there.

    From God's forbidden tree I did eat, and so I gave also to my man,
    through the serpent's subtle deceit.
    Cast us both, God did, from His perfect garden bliss, to make our home elsewhere
    and this paradise now lost, from the depth of our souls, we so do miss.

    It all happened in the garden, I know, because I was there.

    And now in pain, to children I give birth,
    and thus because of sin, we are all under the curse.
    But God's redemption we will see, for it is part of His perfect plan,
    to set our souls free, by His perfect Lamb.
    And God's perfect Lamb will thus crush the serpent's head,
    to make an end of the curse of sin,
    his blood without blemish, He thus will shed.

    And it all happened in the garden, I know, because we were ALL there.


    Part 2 (Prose)

    It all happened in the garden, I know because I was there.

    It was dark, very late at night, and we had received the orders, to go after the leader,
    the leader that presumed himself better than Moses, better than our father Abraham,
    he had to be stopped. He would be stopped, there, in the garden.

    And it all happened in the garden, I know because I was there.

    I was with the Roman soldiers, we entered the garden, torches in hand, rope, and
    chain, ready to pounce on our prey, there, in the garden.
    He had a group of 12 which followed him around, one was with us, he would point
    him out, he received his wages, 30 pieces of silver, we counted out into his hand.
    The man went forward, went straight to his master, their leader, he embraced him
    kissed him on the cheek, and I heard him say “raboni”.

    And it all happened in the garden, I know because I was there.

    The soldiers went forth, with outstretched hands, to take hold of this leader whose
    followers called “Yeshua”.
    His followers ran, scattered, and out of the garden they all fled, except for one,
    And the one that remained, a wild one he was. With sword in hand, he sprang to life.
    Before I knew it, he was upon me. With all fury, with all wrath, eyes blazing with fire.
    I tried to avoid him to get out of his way, but too late, with his sword he swung at me.

    And it all happened in the garden, I know, because I was there.

    I felt a sharp pain, a burning sensation. The side of my head was wet, wet
    with blood, my blood.
    I put my hand to the side of my face, and my ear was no longer there, only a small
    hole, and pieces of bone, blood, and pain.
    But then he came, their leader, their master, their “raboni,” he came near to me,
    He knelt down beside me and looked me in the eyes, with a look of love, of compassion,
    of peace.

    And it all happened in the garden, I know, because I was there.

    He then lifted his hand, and put it to the side of my face, then spoke softly to me,
    these words which I will forever remember;
    “Peace, be healed”
    His touch was light, ever so light, and then the pain was gone, the blood stopped
    flowing, he took his hand away, and my ear was made whole again.

    And it all happened in the garden, I know because I was there.

    I just sat there on the ground, there in the garden, I watched as the soldiers bound
    him and took him away, with his followers gone, the wild one too, only I remained.
    Alone I remained in the garden, on that memorable Passover night.
    I thought, and I thought
    who, but the Messiah, could heal such a wound, to make flesh whole again?
    I finally got up and left the garden, returned to my master the High Priest.
    Should I tell him what happened this night? there in the garden? how I was attacked,
    wounded, then healed? Would he believe me? But I know it to be true, because

    It all happened in the garden, and in the garden, I was healed.

    Servant to the High Priest, Caiaphas

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    My Book of Poetry (con't)


    A son of Adam, a fallen man,
    conceived in sin, cast from the land

    All hope lost, a mark to bare,
    for a murderous deed, is God really fair?

    The land of Nod, before him lies
    to wander the earth, will God hear his cries?

    Oh, son of Adam, if to God thou will turn
    Salvation is yours, tis better than to burn

    To all ye rebels, who against God choose to be
    He showed you his love, His sacrifice Lamb
    has set you free

    If you will only turn from your sinful ways
    God's wrath will be stilled, and at your feet
    salvation will lay

    For Yeshua is Salvation revealed, for his Holy
    Arm is not concealed.
    On Calvary's tree, He gave up his life, to set
    men free.

    The Passover Lamb, His blood did he shed
    For all of our sins, he willingly bled.

    To die without Christ is death eternal for all.
    For all like Cain, without God, without hope,
    the fires of Hell will be their final call.

    And for all eternity, all will suffer eternal grief,
    And there will be wailing, crying, and
    gnashing of teeth.

    I WAS TO BE A KING (Exodus 12:29)


    A king that would have governed the Upper and Lower Nile,
    A pharaoh of Great Egypt, a mighty and powerful king indeed.


    Yet the children of Israel did lift up their voices, and to their God
    they did sing, a song of salvation, to be free of Egypt's bonds, a song
    of ransom did ring.


    and their God did strike a mighty blow, and to mighty Egypt he
    did show, that the gods of the Nile would meet their woe.
    For Ra is no more, and Osiris false, and the power of Amun for
    naught, Anubis is dead, and Bastet powerless to fight, and Hathor
    ruleth not the night. Ptah is but a memory, and just falsity is Set.
    For they were all brought down by the plagues of ten.
    Moses lifted up his staff, and pestilence did he send, by the great I AM.


    In my father's stead, a would rule, when he would enter the world of the dead.
    Yet I was taken, and my years were but three, when the Angel of Death
    did visit the first born of Egypt indeed.
    My father did indeed set Israel free, yet pursued them in folly, for he
    and his army were swallowed up by the sea.


    Yet now I worship the KING most high, the Great I AM, El Elyon, Adonai,
    the Great and only God, El Shaddai.
    The one who was, is, and always will be, is KING indeed.
    He is King and ruler of all, for all creation, into life, by his words did he call.
    For my eternal home is now in His kingdom, and fellowship with Him do I
    have forever more.
    For eternity with Him is mine to behold, together with the angels and the saints
    of old.
    Now, my knees I do bow, before my mighty King, and Psalms of praises to
    Him, forever, I will sing.

    First born Son of Pharaoh


    (poetry and prose)

    There were two trees, created by God, created and placed in a garden so long, long, ago.
    These two trees, to Adam and Eve, did God indeed show.
    One was forbidden, and one was to give life, yet through disobedience, Adam and Eve, chose
    The wrong tree, and from that tree they did indeed eat, bringing forth to the world sin and strife.
    Accursed were they, from eating from the forbidden tree, and from their garden home, they had
    To flee.

    But there is the other tree, the tree of Life, and from that tree will come the end of sin and strife.
    For on a cross of wood, was Messiah nailed, and some would say, that the crossbeam of wood, was
    Nailed to a tree, a tree on top of Calvary. So, the tree of death became the Tree of Life, and eternal
    Life is indeed bestowed, to all who wish to leave behind sin and strife, through the sacrifice of life,
    Of Messiah Yeshua, who gave his up, for all to give eternal life.

    There are two seas, one that is a sea of death, the other a sea of life. Both created and placed in the
    Land of Zion, so long, long ago. One is called “Yam Galil” the Sea of Galilee, the Sea where Yeshua
    walked and nearby to the people He did talk. The sea where Peter fished, whose life was changed,
    who became a fisher of men. This sea is alive, it gives life, and in it, life strives, as it receives its
    Waters from the River Jordan, and gives its waters to the Sea of Salt.

    Yet the Sea of Salt is a sea of death, as it has no outlet. It only receives and gives life not. Not a fish
    swims in the Sea of Death. Tis a reminder of the days of Sodom and Gomorra, the cities of sin.
    God rained down fire and brimstone upon these two cities, and these waters,
    which might have been, at one time alive, now lay dead.
    Tis a sea of salt, of minerals, yet void of life.

    We are alive, when we receive and then give, receive and give again. Blessings received should be
    Be blessings given, to whom that receives is expected to others give in return. Tis better to be like
    The Sea of Galilee, then to be like the Dead Sea. Two seas, one of death one of life. Only you can
    Choose how you will live your life.

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    My Book of Poetry (con't)


    It was in the Autumn of 72 that we met. Her name was Tina. She became my girlfriend.
    We were boyfriend and girlfriend for a week, but only for a week,
    Way back in the Autumn of 72.

    My Army buddy and I went on leave. We went to his place somewhere in Vermont.
    He had a girlfriend, she was 16. Her sister was Tina, she was 14.
    My Army buddy and I, well, we were both 18.
    Way back in the Autumn of 72.

    So, Tina and I, we became girlfriend and boyfriend, for a week, but only for a week.
    We walked together, talked together, hand in hand, we kissed, we hugged,
    We lay down in the grass together, we looked up at the clouds together
    by and old rock quarry which became a small lake.
    She was my girlfriend, I was her boyfriend, but only for a week,
    Way back in the Autumn of 72.

    Tina talked about school, I talked about the Army. She said her friends were jealous
    that she had a soldier boyfriend.
    I helped her with a writing assignment. She got an “A”. Her teacher said to her;
    “Tina, these just aren’t your words.”
    “I got some help from a friend” Tina replied.
    She wrote a good composition with my help,
    Way back in the Autumn of 72.

    The week went by and it was time to go back to our Army base, we said our goodbyes
    my buddy to his girlfriend, and me to my girlfriend Tina.
    I got a package in the mail, it was from Tina. She sent me a box of brownies she had made.
    In the box was a letter from her. She told me the gossip of the town, of who got
    pregnant from who, and that everyone was talking about Tina and her boyfriend.
    No, you can’t hide things in a small town, and it all happened
    way back in the Autumn of 72.

    Now, Tina is a memory, a memory of a time that went by, where two young
    teens found each other, spent time together for a week, but only for a week
    way back in the Autumn of 72.

    There’s a friend who will be your friend for more than just a week.
    His friendship goes way beyond a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.
    He’s a friend who will never let you down. He’ll be your friend for life.
    He was Abraham’s friend, but he wants to be more than just a friend.
    He wants to be your Savior, Redeemer, and LORD.
    His name is Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus the Christ,
    KING of kings, and LORD of lords.
    Will he be your friend, Savior, and LORD?


    It was Fisher’s House, everyone knew it by that name, way, way, back in the woods.
    It was by a lake, and you can guess the name of the lake; “Fisher’s Lake”

    It was Fisher’s House, a big, yellow Stucco house, abandoned, forlorn, forgotten by
    time and man, way, way back in the woods, but kind of near where me and Burt lived.

    It was a place of memories one could imagine, of times gone by, if only the walls could
    talk, the stories they could tell.

    Fisher’s family must have lived there once, way back in the 1930s. Scattered upon the
    Old wooden floors were pages of the ‘Saturday Evening Post’ 1933, and 1934.

    My high school friend and classmate, Burt and I, well, we slept overnight at Fisher’s
    House, way, way back in the woods. We took our sleeping bags and some magic markers
    and went up the creaking stairs to the second floor.

    The kids at school said it was haunted, that old man Fisher’s ghost roamed the house
    at night, for whatever reason ghosts haunt places.

    Burt and I settled down to sleep in our sleeping bags. Burt took out his transistor radio
    and we listened to a song; ‘Chika-boom, Chika-boom’ on a local station. So far, so good.
    Fisher’s ghost hadn’t come up stairs to scare us.

    We did hear some scurrying noises downstairs, the sound of mice and rats running
    through the abandoned rooms of Fisher’s House, which was way, way, back in the woods.

    Morning came and Fisher’s ghost never appeared. We went downstairs and took out
    our magic markers and wrote our names on the old walls, well, we had to leave
    our mark, you know the way young teens were back in the late 60s. I am sure you
    were once a teen.

    I mean, no one lived there anymore, at least not since 1934. Fisher’s House was abandoned,
    abandoned by time and man, surrounded by the weeds and trees of the woods.
    Who would care what was written on the walls anyway? We put our markers away
    and headed back to our homes.

    We left behind Fisher’s House, never to return. No ghost, no life, only memories
    of times gone by.

    There’s a place called ‘God’s House’ which is everywhere. Where there are two or
    more believers united in HIS name, HE will be in the midst.
    May God’s House always be full of life, and never abandoned and forgotten.

    May it always live with worshippers and students of HIS Holy Word. May God’s House
    always boast of memories past, present, and future.

    May HIS House always be active, alive, and full of love and joy, with the love of families
    and friends that get together to worship and study, to praise the name of Adonai.


    I was the loving daughter of my father and mother, Samuel and Meletiah Fisher.
    In a time of peace, I was born, born into love, amidst loving arms, amidst a warm hearth

    I listened to the soft voice of my mother singing lullabies into my ears.
    I sucked at her breasts, her warm milk nourishing my tiny self.

    My father would hold me next to his face, his beard would tickle my tender cheeks.
    His voice was stern, yet love emanated from the depth of his soul.

    My cradle of was wood, with cloth and hay for on which to lie myself to sleep
    In our humble home I heard the bark of a dog, the meow of a cat.
    All the sounds of our home echoed love in my ears.

    And it came to pass that my head grew hot and my body trembled, for a reason I knew not.
    My father and mother did what they could, to calm my trembling body.
    Rags of cold water they put on my head, but all for naught.

    They wept and lifted up their voices to God on high.
    “Oh God,” they cried, “Let not our precious daughter die!”
    “Let not her sojourn be so brief”

    But brief it was, as I closed my eyes for one last time in my mother’s arms.
    When I opened them again, I was in Heaven’s bliss with angels carrying me to
    my Father’s open arms.

    Into my Father’s arms I was carried, My Father on High, My father who
    reigns for evermore.

    “Blessed be ye my little child,” said He, “though thy life was brief on earth,
    Heaven is now your home.”

    Mehitable Fisher

    Born March 4th, 1678. Died the same year.
    Daughter of Samuel and Meletiah Fisher
    Part of the author’s family tree of ancestors
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    My Book of Poetry (con't)


    We were priests of the Most High God, Sons of Aaron we were, and serve in the
    Tabernacle was to be our lot.
    Ready we were to serve our LORD God and King, yet folly was found in us
    Because of strong drink.
    We erred the both of us my brother and I, and so before our LORD and God,
    We both did die.

    We were priests of the Most High God, yet folly would be our unfortunate lot,
    We thought we could offer some fire to God.
    Yet the fire we offered to God was strange, and alas, twas too late for our
    minds to change.
    From the Brazen Altar, the fire we took not,
    and a fiery judgment would be our lot.

    For consuming fire came forth from the presence of El Shaddai, and our bodies
    It did consume, and twas thus our fate to die.
    But in the presence, we are now, with our God, our LORD, and our trespass
    He did forgive. Eternal life is now our reward.
    Now we praise, honor, and glorify His Holy Name, and for all eternity we will
    serve ADONAI

    Nadab and Abihu, Sons of Aaron



    Let’s praise, magnify, and glorify our God, our King. Praises to His name on our lips do we sing.
    He is Eloheinu, Malcheinu, for whom the Hammer of Judah struck a mighty blow.

    Oh, let us sing all due praises and haleluyot to our king, for the sons of Mattathias have vanquished Israel’s
    foe, for Antiochus Epiphanes is now no more, the Hammer of the Maccabees has struck his mighty blow.

    Let us glorify, magnify, and praise Adonai, and may His holy Name be exalted on high.
    To the Hammer of Judah, he has given the victory cry.

    The teeth of Antiochus have been broken, and the strength of his army thus crushed, but not by human might
    nor by human power, but by my spirit saith the LORD of Hosts.

    For the enemy has been driven out of the land by the LORD God of Israel, by His mighty hand.
    So, let us go forth and rededicate once more, the temple of Yerushalayim to our God, our LORD.

    Draw nigh, oh ye sons of Israel, oh ye priests of the Most High, bring forth water from Siloam, to wash clean
    and purify, and cleanse the temple from the blood of swine.

    Cast down the pagan god, throw it out of thy dwelling, ground it into dust,
    for a snare unto thy people it shall be not.

    Let your house by a house of worship once more, and a house of prayer for evermore.
    Oh, come ye sons of Israel, come nigh unto thy LORD, come ye nigh, ye sons of Levi, sons of Aaron
    and worship the LORD of Hosts.

    Go forth and gather the olives of the land, crush them and make holy oil to light the menorah that now stands. Rejoice once again ye daughters of Zion, and praise the Holy name of Adonai, the lamps now lit are for all to
    see. Come ye that are far, come nigh and see the light of Yeshua, for your salvation is here.

    Come and gaze upon the eternal light of Elohim, for He shall open your eyes to see and your ears to hear. Come
    and dedicate the temple of your bodies to worship Him who is for evermore.


    Twas the first night of Hanukkah, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
    The menorah was placed in the window with care, in hopes that our evening visitor would soon be here.
    Mama in her kerchief, and I in my Yarmulke, had just settled down for the 8 nights of Hanukkah.

    When up on the roof top there arose such a clatter, that I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
    I rushed out the door and went outside, and looked up at the rooftop to behold an amazing sight.
    For up on the roof top, my gazing eyes did see, was a gallant black stallion and its rider, Judah the Maccabee.

    He got down from his horse and looked all around, his eyes met mine and shouted, “I'm Jerusalem bound!”
    I thought for a moment, of what I could say, and finally replied;

    “Yo Judah, welcome to da Hood! you're in the US of A.”

    Then Judah looked down and said, “I know I’m Jerusalem bound, but I would still like to have a look-around”

    “Yo, Bro” I replied with my voice a little low, “You come down and have a look around and you’ll be wishing you had landed in some other part of town, cuz youz in my hood bro! This place aint the safest place in town.
    but we've been expecting you any way, come down from the roof and just follow me this way!”

    “Might as well” sighed Judah as he dismounted his horse, “but I can't stay long, got to get back on course”

    So, Judah jumped down from the roof with a bound, but not empty handed, and that was a fact, for on his back he bore a large, heavy sack. He entered our house, and went straight to the kitchen, put his sack down next to a defrosting chicken. He took from his sack, and put on the table, all sorts of treats, as quick as he was able.

    Latkes, apple sauce, sour cream, and bagels, lox and cream cheese he arranged on the table. He even put out some Hamantashens too.

    “Hamantashens?” I asked, “On Hanukkah?”

    “Well, I can always give them to someone else.” Replied Judah with a sigh.

    “That’s OK”, I replied, “I’ll have them with coffee at morning’s first light.”

    To be sure this was one night we would never forget, the kindness of Judah who kept us well fed.
    With the sack now empty, he climbed back to the roof, he jumped on his horse and rode out of sight, saying;

    “Happy Hanukkah to all, and to all a good night.”

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