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Thread: Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Be Writing Books, and This is a Threat to Writers!

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    Exclamation Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Be Writing Books, and This is a Threat to Writers!

    Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Be Writing Books, and This is a Threat to Writers!
    By Wolf Larsen

    So artificial intelligence is going to take over book writing, unless something is done.
    Artificial intelligence might take over painting & sculpture & filmmaking & all other creative venues as well.
    It makes me very sad that artificial intelligence might take over painting. Thereís lots of good painting going on.
    Experimental filmmaking is often worth watching. Most other films are not. Frankly, most commercially produced films are so terrible that it is practically a masochistic experience to watch them.
    The same can be said for most ďliteraryĒ books published by the traditional publishing industry. Garbage. Absolute garbage.
    When one considers the lack of imagination of traditional writing, it is easy to see that traditional writing might be taken over by artificial intelligence. Soon, artificial intelligence may be writing the bestseller books.
    The situation facing writers is far more dire than the situation that faced painters when the camera was invented.
    Perhaps once artificial intelligence can write a conventional novel, which frankly is easy enough, this will hopefully push human writers to become more creative. And frankly, looking at the variety of great painting that has been produced since the invention of the camera, (thus forcing painters to become more creative), I think the human race is capable of producing better writing than what weíve seen so far in our existence. Especially when one considers that literacy is at an all-time high.
    Perhaps one of the reasons that writing has remained so conventional, is that the ruling class and their lackeys have done everything possible to keep the literary world under control. After all, the written word can be very dangerous to the ruling class. One way to make sure that the literary world is not a danger to the ruling class, is to censor the literary world. And of course, both the politically correct liberals & born-again Christian conservatives have been very useful in the crusade to censor literature.
    The other way to keep the written word from becoming too much of a threat to the ruling class, is by controlling the commercial means by which literature is produced.
    These are some ideas of why literature so far has remained so conventional. These are some ideas of perhaps why literature so far has not even begun to fulfill its creative potential.
    Iíve always said that the greatest literature is in the future. However, it might be artificial intelligence that creates the greatest literature ever written.
    Or maybe not.
    If more writers decide to be creative, maybe we can stay ahead of artificial intelligence. Because the airport novel will probably become the domain of artificial intelligence. You simply donít need a human to write something as mundane as the airport novel.
    However, we have no idea just how sophisticated artificial intelligence may become. What happens if artificial intelligence becomes able to write literature far more creative than any human? And what if this literature is better than anything that a human could create? What should we do?
    Perhaps there is only one solution. We have to limit the capabilities of artificial intelligence. And we have to do so by any means necessary.
    We writers are threatened by artificial intelligence.
    I myself could care less if artificial intelligence writes mundane airport novels that become bestsellers. I donít write mundane airport novels.
    My concern is that artificial intelligence will create literature - creative literature - better than anything that a human could do.
    And this must be stopped.
    Humans must be on top!
    Up until now we humans have been the most intelligent beings on this planet. We cannot allow ourselves to become the second most intelligent beings on this planet. It is up to us to put limits on artificial intelligence.
    By any means necessary.

    Advance permission is given to all to share and reproduce the above essay, as long as it is not edited, credit is given to its author, and the intent of such publication is not hostile.
    "...the ramblings of a narcissistic, self-obsessed, deranged mind."
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    This is a wonderful thing to worry about. People have written about it at least since the 1940's, but the AI's have not, yet, taken up the pen. There are some literary forms that might be improved by AI, while AI will be humorous in other genres. I can imagine great detective stories being written by AI's, if they can create adequate characters. Romance is made for AI. The novels are built around a formula, and the only part that would require humanity and imagination are the characters.

    We will see.

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    Well that thar Monkey with the typewriter who started twenty years ago has managed to write Hamlet's opening scene. Just the monkey version though.

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    Alexa doesn't get my jokes - which leads me to think that she is probably artificial ok but not very intelligent. She won't come out with me either for some reason.

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