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Thread: The Second Symphony (A Symphony in Words)

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    Exclamation The Second Symphony (A Symphony in Words)

    An excerpt from The Second Symphony
    A Symphony in Words
    By Wolf Larsen

    For Phil

    The slowly-slowly-plucking-violins start tiptoeing out of the page...
    The slowly-slowly-plucking-tiptoeing-violins begin to surround the reader...
    And then the saxophone player JUMPS out of the page!
    The saxophone player EXPLODES a GIANT ORGASM all over the world!
    And then the flute JUMPS over the universe!
    The flute then circles a phrase of poetry around your city...
    Then the castanets give you the beautiful rhythm-of-a-beautiful-brown-woman walking down the street...
    Her buttocks moving-&-dancing with the castanets as she makes her way to the grocery store...
    And then a CAR HORN!
    And then the trumpet blasts out a fart!
    And the clarinet laughs with the rest of the symphony...
    And Everyone in the city laughs with the symphony...
    As all of the instruments in the orchestra laugh-and-laugh together…
    laugh-and-laugh together!
    laugh-and-laugh together!
    laugh-and-laugh together!
    And then there’s silence…
    The silence is a small forever…
    And then the cymbals S-M-A-S-H together the Pacific & Atlantic oceans...

    And then the tuba BLASTS out a joke!
    Then the clarinet starts laughing again,
    And the beautiful-brown-woman comes back walking-from-the-grocery-store...
    The castanets dance with her booty - dance with her booty - dance with her booty...
    And the clarinet & the woman’s booty dance through the streets together,
    Then a cello throws in some criticizing eyes...
    And the violins all dance around the cello...
    And the clarinet dances through-and-up-&-around the violins...
    While the violins flyyyyyyyyyyyy from New York City to Paris to Hong Kong…
    And then the trombone swears like an airplane mechanic!
    And the entire horn section plays the cranes on the docks moving-up-&-down...
    And all the strings play the majesty of a huge container ship going out to sea...
    And the harp plays all the couples kissing on park benches throughout Latin America…
    Kissing on park benches!
    Kissing on park benches!
    Kissing on park benches!
    And all of the instruments together softly kiss the reader...

    Copyright 2020 by Wolf Larsen
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