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Thread: Soggy Santas

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    Soggy Santas

    Soggy Santas

    Tough year. No doubt. There might be a soupçon of pathos when we wish each other a Merry (or Happy) Christmas.

    Now to make things even worse on an unavoidably sober Christmas Day, a weather system is pelting the Midwest with heavy snow and the East Coast with torrential rain, potential flooding, and damaging winds.

    We got some soggy (albeit socially distant) Santas out there. The rain is totally wiping out whatever holiday cheer we had left. Does this thing deserve the dignity of a moniker?

    Well, apparently it does — he’s been named “Harold.” Maybe after the Christmas carol: “Hark, the ‘Harold’ Angels Sing.”

    But because we’re talking about so many issues going wrong in this bizarre year, in these “uncertain times”, at least we’re not complaining about Christmas and commercialism.

    That particular “airing of grievances” goes way back, at least to the time of the Round Table. (Not King Arthur’s — the one at the Algonquin Hotel where
    writers of the New Yorker once gathered to drink and trade quips, primarily the former.)

    Legend has it that during a booze-fueled word game, somebody challenged George S. Kaufman to use the word “meretricious” in a sentence. His answer was:

    “Meretricious and a Happy New Year!”

    The same to you, my fellow NitLetters and to Harold, too!

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    Hi Aunty

    You might be interested to know that Storm Bella passed over the UK last night. Winds up to 80 kph, 92 flood warnings in place & homes in Bedfordshire evacuated. Santa left before the deluge; no longer a critical worker and retired to Tier 3 lockdown in Lapland with a glass of mulled wine.

    Which brings me to the naming of storms topic that you raised. Monikers imply characteristics. “Blood & Guts Patton”, “Jack the Hat McVitie,” “Bugsy Mallone” come to mind. But these weather events with women's names!!! How is some poor girl named “Katrina” going to find a suitable mate?

    Why not spice them up a bit and name them after Greek mythological gods, or Roman emperors? “Hurricane Caligula,” might make those in the path of the elements take more note. Or “Storm Aeschylus,” have them running to Google to explore potential weather characteristics.

    We in Blighty now have the distinction of two Covid viruses: Covid 1, (the Wuhan variety), and Turbo Covid that transmits 70% quicker than the former. But be assured that between the Queens Christmas Day TV Message and the showing of the film “Dunkirk” last night, we are still in fine fettle.

    Take care & best wishes.


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    lol... Meretricious and Happy New Year to all !! Just a bit of rain in the drought hardened environs hereabouts.

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),

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    what if I were to bare my soul
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    The same from me+ windy sunshine from the southern hemisphere!
    #Stay home as much as you can and stay well

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