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    Hi Mary.<br><br>It surprise me. This book has same text that other versions of 10 years after I have seen before and It has all sense in the complete D'artagnan Romances.<br><br>It could be that the other version is mis-titled. I mean you could be read or The Vicomte of Bragelonne of Louise de la Valliere as well. Or you has read version of THE VICOMTE OF BRAGELONNE full text that cut between chapters in differents books. Remember that 10 years after was not write in this way by Dumas, if editors has decided where begin and where finish to cut a extremely big book in other 3 or 4 smaller books. In 3 Version Editions there is not any 10 years after book.<br><br>Do you think any of these situations could occur to explain differences between your book and this text?

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    I found myself in the same position when I went to buy a copy of The Man in The Iron Mask. I was stuck with two completely different versions of the same book by the same author. Even the chapters in each book were entirely unalike. I can only assume that the differences are in the translation from French to English.

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    interesting concept

    I have been reading another version of the "Ten years Later" by A. Dumas...<br>Question is why is there a difference in the content of this writing and the other writing which I have been reading. I would be greatly appreciative if anyone can tell me why the same author has 2 versions of the same book. And which is correct.

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    It Could Be Possible You Skipped A Book.When I First Started Reading Three Musketeers I Thought There Were Just The Two Movie Books.There Are 6.As Far As I Could Find At Least.The Six I Know About Are:

    1)The Three Musketeers
    2)Twenty Years After
    3)The Viscount De Bragelonne
    4)Ten Years Later
    5)Louise De La Valliere
    6)The Man In The Iron Mask

    The Good News Is At The Bottom Of The Author's Bio There Is A Link For,Which Sells The Books Posted Here.I Made The Same Mistake Too Tho.I Ordered The Other Books One At A Time.But There Is A Thirty Dollar Volume Which Is The Full Novel Of Ten Years Later.I Tried To Buy A Cheaper Volume And Only Got The Second Part Of The Novel.I Saved Ten Bucks But I Didn't Get The Full Story So Be Careful.Hope This Helps.Just Scroll Down To The Bottom Of Dumas' Bio Page And You Will Find The Link.

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    P.S The Two Paperbacks I Had Were I Believe By Signet Publishers.The Editions I Am Buying To Finish The Series Is Oxford World Classics.If You Are Reading A Series I Found Out Try To Stay With The Same Publisher-Bookseller,Etc.That Way You Are Following The Same "String" In Your Reading.I Found Myself While I Was Reading Twenty Years After I Was Also Scratching My Head And Going Huh?I As Well Will Have To Buy Copies Of "Musketeers" And "Mask" From Oxford World Classics.
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    The Oxford World Classics is definitely the way to go. This version splits it into 5 sections

    Three Musketeers
    Twenty Years Later
    Vicomte De Bragelonne
    Louis De Valliere
    Man in the Iron Mask

    Plus you get the incredibly helpful notes section at the end. I found myself using two bookmarks.

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