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    Wel I have read this review and I found it logical. If anyone try to read any of D'artagnan Romances, he might look confuse, nevertheless he doesn't read it in order. I mean, 20 year after has less sense as a novel alone that like a 3 musketeers continuation.<br><br>And this is more dramatically noted in the vicomte of bragelonne who has be composed as a single book, and must be read in that way. This is a note that the book only has coherence, continuity and all Dumas's coherence read from begin to end. You must no to expect read a excellent novel beginning at the 76's chapter.<br><br>I have tried to indicate that this book, maybe is less emotional, or violent and a little more rose and political that the previous works of D'artagnan Romances but nevertheless it will be more delight ever read in order, meaning that must be read the vicomte of bragelonne first and to note than the book is not finished and then you could continue enjoyng and read next 10 years after....<br>Not before, not as a book, because it isn't... it is a continuation of one big book

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    A difficult Start

    I have decided to read this book after reading Two of Dumas's earlier works. I have read both The Three Musketeers and Twenty Years After. Both stories I felt were well written and could be read as a stand alone book as well as in tandem with each other. However, when I began to read this book, it sort of left a large void. It took nearly 5 chapters of reading to really get the story line going. So in that aspect it was a bit disappointing. With that considered, it remains true to Dumas' style of adventure writing, with plenty of action and mystery. With the exception of the begining of the book, I would whole heartedly recommend this read to anyone.

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