Warning - spoilers!
At the wedding at St Ewolds at the end of the book, the Archdeacon gently teases Mr Crawley for expecting resistance on his part to Mr Crawley's wish of leading the marriage ceremony between Grace and Major Grantly and "if the rumour which was handed about the families be true, the Archdeacon, before the interview was over, had poked Mr Crawley in the ribs". To be honest, I don't know whether Trollope intended this to be taken as a believable rumour or not, but it certainly does not seem the sort of action that Mr Crawley would permit.
I was also surprised that Mr Crawley left Hogglestock with seemingly few worries as to the welfare of the Hogglestockian brickmakers. He sometimes spends the greater part of the day with them and is very conscientious in his work, therefore I was surprised that he did not take more of an interest in the plans and character of the new parson.