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Thread: Create a Writers Publishing Collective!

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    Exclamation Create a Writers Publishing Collective!

    Create a Writers Publishing Collective!
    By Wolf Larsen

    It is imperative to set up a writers publishing collective. A writers publishing collective will publish everything.
    How many literary masterpieces are lost to the garbage can because they could not find a place in the traditional publishing industry?

    The sad fact is, the traditional publishing conglomerates are not interested in publishing literary masterpieces. The traditional publishing conglomerates are more interested in publishing airport novels. Traditional publishing conglomerates are more interested in money than in great literature.
    As for small publishers, they simply do not have the capacity to publish all the great literature that is being written.

    However, the good news is that thanks to the advancement of technology it is now no longer necessary to rely upon traditional publishers to be the guardians of great literature. A writers publishing collective could publish everything! And I do mean everything (except for white supremacist/fascist materials). And books would be published for free at no cost to the author. The cost of a book purchased from the writers publishing collective would be roughly the same price as a book published from traditional publishers. This is possible because of advances in technology.
    Every book ever written would be available both in print and e-book from the writers publishing collective. This is now feasible, because of advances in technology.

    Future generations of readers could for themselves decide who were the great writers of the past.

    In addition, a writers publishing collective could pay the workers employed in this endeavor good union wages, provide a good working environment, with reasonable hours. That’s because there wouldn’t be greedy CEOs siphoning money out of the publishing endeavor.

    There would be no editors. The authors would be responsible for their own editing. Never again would a writer be forced to experience some editor rewriting his or her book.

    Of course, there will be many bad books available as well. However, most books published by the traditional publishing industry are not very good either.
    Over time, the human race will sort out the good books from the bad. The bad books will still be there. But more importantly, so will the literary masterpieces. The literary masterpieces will be available for as long as there is a human race. No literary masterpiece will ever wind up in the trash again once a writer dies.
    Literary culture demands the creation of a writer’s publishing collective!
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    How many times Wolf do you put a lot of work into a piece on Lit Net: searching for inspiration, rewriting, proof reading and then get a reaction of 3 - 4,000 persons having read and just one comment? I would not even mind someone saying " Your work is crap!!".

    Imagine therefore, (as you rightly do), the obstacles in catering for the external market. I gave up long ago seeking recognition, but settle for enjoying the outlet of writing for myself and trying constantly to improve in terms of: prose, content, message and understanding this mortal existence; so berift* sometimes of logic, beauty and understanding.

    I'm sure you are familiar of that saying by Hilaire Belloc,* "When I am dead, I hope it may be said, his sins were scarlet, but his books were read."

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