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Thread: Catch 23.

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    Catch 23.

    Catch 23.

    He awoke pale and listless chained to a metal framed hospital bed in Greenland. Soon they would start taking blood again. As an ex Mexican dreamer, it was a payment towards the Wall.

    A month earlier, Stormy had fled to strut her stuff in a nightclub in Puerto Rico, as soon as the two countries were swapped by the President For Life.

    Others were not so lucky. In the next bed, (also due to give blood), was a man charged with civil unrest after kneeling to tie a shoelace in Portland.

    Elsewhere re-education camps had been erected in New York and California, and filled with the usual suspects who had been rounded up long ago. Casablanca comes to mind.

    In the UK things were much more positive.

    Ben Johnson was one of the first to recognise that Covid was clever.

    He determined, (without any need for Parliamentary scrutiny), that the virus gets busy after 10pm. Hence the initiative to close all bars at this hour.

    It was also geographically savvy; hence the need to have different lockdown rules in: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    Groups of 6 were now the norm; so one always had to watch out for Number 7 as he /she was sure to be infected.

    Students had commenced the new university year and promptly partied. All were now locked in under threat of expulsion and currently would not be allowed home for Christmas.

    Ben in the meantime had taken to a further issue of buzz words delivered with Churchillian panache to rouse the troops on both the pandemic and Brexit. "World beating track & trace system, bubbles, short-circuit lockdowns, moon landing group testing & oven ready deals" come to mind; none of which incidentally were anywhere near reality.

    Thus with a second wave imminent, panic buying had once again commenced in: toilet rolls, pasta, flour, cooking oil and Corn Flakes.

    Elsewhere in the world, Vladimir was busy massaging his daily numbers to approx 123 fatalities, not including denials for (successful or otherwise) poisoning cases.

    Play it again Sam for old times sake.
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    The first sentence grabs you.
    And then as the work unfolds it continues to hold your attention.
    The sense of humor here & there also helps.
    It's critical of the powers that be, without being soapboxy.
    "...the ramblings of a narcissistic, self-obsessed, deranged mind."
    My poetry, plays, novels, & other stuff on Amazon: Larsen

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