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Thread: Let us not talk about This

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    Let us not talk about This

    Let us not talk about This.
    Let us not make it a thing.
    Let us not make it important.
    Here’s a colorful rug to cover it.
    Let us step around it, over it,
    Or even hold hands across it.
    Sometimes we will walk right into it
    Stub a toe or two or five or ten.
    Let us tuck it in – so we don’t stumble.
    Sometimes we will run right into it
    To give it a fulfilling kick, or fold an edge
    That threatens to cut through.
    Let us do the same with every This:
    Slowly and quietly lift the rug,
    Looking the other way, throw This, too, under –
    And then tuck. Perhaps tie it up with a ribbon;
    A different color for every occasion;
    A celebration of our understanding.
    Let it build up and up and up;
    We can stand on chairs to hold hands.
    We can walk into this wall again and again
    Over and over and pretend we’re losing sight.
    We can crash our fists against its slopes
    Over and over and call it longing for an embrace.
    A ribbon is no longer an option, so wallpaper then.
    We can lightly debate the patterns each time
    And settle on a middle ground, a compromise:
    A different pattern for each side of the wall.
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    Great one!

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    Thank you, Tony.

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