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Thread: Eternal Immortality of the Thoughtless Mind

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    Eternal Immortality of the Thoughtless Mind

    It's been awhile. Winter is soon coming to my section of the Earth and I cant wait to put on the seasonal slippers and blankets while cozying up with some poetry books and coffee. After a long set of writer's block I finally had some inspiration to write. It is just a blip into my mind in a moment, not sure if anyone else will really get it. Maybe it's significance to me was more important in the overdue urge to write than the thoughts themselves. But it does feel good to write again, so i am grateful, and I like it. Hope to find more inspiration in todays reads of some of my favorite obscure and talented poets here on Litnet!

    How ironic to think of immortality
    when the only immortal lifeform in existence
    doesn't have a brain.

    A jellyfish that floats not caring of its young's survival
    or concern for its own fate none the less.

    It's as if God were hinting of what Eve gained when she bit into that apple.

    No, it was not our fate,
    to be careless of our lives
    or our deaths
    or those of our children.
    But yet, here we are,
    left to ponder
    on our hope and our children's hope
    for immortality,
    ironically struggling to survive in the meantime.
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    Enjoyed very much ... including your prosaic preamble.

    Brought to mind a few things; first: a video on the slime mold (gross I know) I viewed recently on facebook (I couldn't find it but here's an article that it may have been based on)...
    Scientists have found that a brainless, single-celled organism is capable of solving mazes and even learning.
    and share here...

    The following is not exactly original... I've seen many versions of the following:

    why not ?

    why not
    enjoy the journey
    ... if you can

    it's the destination
    that culminates
    His perfect plan

    :tailor 9/17/2020

    Like Pandora's poem your offering ends with hope/expectation

    Surviving the now for many is a struggle... I've signed up for a class through my church that will, hopefully, give me more tools to cope with and thrive through adversity; faith based of course; (.pdf): "Emotional Resilience For Self-Relience...

    Be well,

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
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    who am I but a stitch in time
    what if I were to bare my soul
    would you see me origami


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    I want to go visit Yellowstone to look for that wolf's milk slime mold, maybe poke a stick at it! How bizarre for this organism to be able to make what seems like choices, logical decisions, and have an ability to retain memory and learn, all without a brain or nervous system. It almost seems as if there is a consciousness to all lifeforms. Would adaptation even be possible without intelligence? Or is it all just a numbers game, random roll of the die.

    why not
    enjoy the journey
    ... if you can

    it's the destination
    that culminates
    His perfect plan

    :tailor 9/17/2020

    I sure hope the plan is perfect because I surely am not

    Thank you for the resources, I will take a look at them.

    Always have hope

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