My friend Pete is a good man,
been with the Company for 9 years,
married to his wife for 7 years.

He quit drinking 2 years ago and is quitting
caffeine this year.
He wants to eliminate
gluten from his diet next year.

Never had an accident (caused a few, though) ,
cuts his grass every Saturday at 9 a.m. sharp.

He's always on time,
and his shirts are neatly pressed

At conferences, I see him grinning over the
top of a cup of white chocolate mocha with soy,
and I always wave my vodka in his direction.

He is what women call 'solid, 'and then
they say, 'well, it was time to settle down, and
he was there'

and I can understand that.

He will likely pass quietly in the night,
with that 'peaceful look' spread across his face.

I often hear his loud clean laugh at parties,
happy and content,

as I f uck his wife in the pool room.