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Thread: I love Lucy

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    I love Lucy

    I've been rereading "Framley Parsonage, mainly because Kiki mentioned it and because I've just reread "Last Chronicle", which is about some of the same characters. Lucy Robarts is the heroine of the book, and at one point she is discussing how to help 9-year-old Grace Cawley, daughter of an impoverished curate (who later becomes the heroine of "Last Chronicle"). She is talking it over with her sister-in-law. They want to invite Grace to stay with them, but worry that she won't learn her irregular Greek verbs and other educational niceties, which her father is teaching her back home at Hogglestock.

    Lucy says:

    "I'll try to teach her if you like, only I don't know anything myself."

    Great novel! (Although "Last Chronicle" still rules).

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    Yes, she doesn't really approve of the gruff Mr Crawley, I think, but in the end she charms the pants of him.

    I love the dynamics between Lord Lufton and his mother who's trying to force Griselda Grantly on him. It's quite funny, his mother thinking that he's got the same stubborn streak as his father and that under no circumstances he should notice what she and Mrs Grantly are trying to do... As if... The way he handles it is great as well. He firstly leaves her in agony and then he saunters in and says, 'Mother, I have a thing to tell you.'

    I love Dumbello as well, how he's portrayed, stroking his whiskers and nothing more .

    I'm not sure, I'm never really taken by the women in the novels, unless they are trying to do something clandestinely like Lady Lufton. Maybe it's because I am one...
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