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Thread: Politically correct liberals & born-again's in Alaska join forces to ban books

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    We are heading to Orwell's dystopian world.
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    Banning books in Alaska? How would that be done?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonywalt View Post
    Banning books in Alaska? How would that be done?
    I spent a lot of time in Alaska. In Alaska, there is the right combination of born-again Christians & politically correct liberals to basically ban anything obscene. These born-again Christian conservatives & politically correct liberals praise "freedom of speech", but they are hypocrites.

    But the same thing is happening pretty much in the rest of the USA now. The worlds of comedy, literature, painting, etc. are all being heavily censored by some kind of coalition of born-again Christians & politically correct liberals.

    This kind of phenomenon can be found in places like liberal Democrat-voting "Segregation City" Chicago, where racism & other forms of bigotry are considered acceptable in certain comedy venues. However, obscenity is not permitted. It depends on the comedy venue.

    And because of bans on obscenity, many Poets don't even bother going to certain poetry open mics.
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    It's happening here in the UK as well. A University recently cut Chaucer from their reading list. Apparently, they are 'de-colonising' their curriculum (a sinister policy like that could have been invented by Stalin or Mao). So we now have the insane situation where Chaucer, the father of English literature, is no longer taught IN ENGLAND because..., well, because he's a dead white man. God knows what they'll be teaching instead. Kanye West lyrics probably. I honestly don't know where this will end. Nothing would surprise me anymore. It wouldn't surprise me if one day Rembrandt's portraits are burned because they only show white faces. To make it even more insane, I have an British-Indian friend here in the UK who loves Chaucer and is planning to do a PhD on him!!
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    I do not support the idea of banning books or mediums of any form. But again freedom of expression is a double-edged sword with its own social repercussions and issues. Choosing a sect of "woke" to judge the good and bad are equally dangerous.

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