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Thread: Which is the greatest Great American novel and why?

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    Without a doubt, the greatest Novel written by an American is The Ship that Sailed the Time Stream by G. C. Edmonson. It covers everything from top to bottom, and it is fun to read. Another candidate is Causation by Peter P. Lewicke. That also covers almost everything, and it is a pleasure to read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ecurb View Post
    When we talk about the Great American Novel, we mean a novel written by an American, but we also refer to a novel that somehow captures or expresses the character of the country and its inhabitants. (By the way, based on JCamilo's post, I think "Don Quixote" would qualify as expressing the Spanish character (of 1600), and "The Aeneid" was written to express the Roman character ("Sing we of arms and the man...."), etc.
    Applying that criterion, I guess On the Road by Kerouac should probably be included as a contender. I have read no other novel that was, at times, such a declaration of love to the United States. At the same time, it is universal to the extent that it clearly lists the differences between the East Coast and the West Coast, and several area's in between. America to some extent becomes the universe... Which should maybe not be spoken to loud nowadays as it may give some in Washington funny ideas.

    That being said, I have always felt that the concept of Great American Novel was invented by literary journalists with the intention of never finding a definite answer to the question. As long as the question remains open, they indeed keep having a job.

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    The greatest American novel that I read this year past is A Naked Singularity. I wonder if the people of Pakistan fret about What is the Greatest Pakistani Novel. Doubt it.

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