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    Tell me which came first
    The act or the lifelong shame
    Oops there goes Mum again
    At sweet16
    Her lips were sewn shut
    Her voice was emotionally cut
    Please Mummy
    I want to know his name.
    It's Andrew damn you!
    How the black dog barks
    My Mum struggles to talk
    Now 75 and 4 foot
    Her trauma thoughts are
    she's a no good slut
    Don't we all just try our best?
    Mum wailing in the kitchen
    clutching her chest
    Whenever I ask about her secret son
    Born back in the year 1961
    She croaks, 'He means nothing to you.'
    Well that's not true dear
    I had another brother who died
    We didn't get along but I still cried.
    I am not her secrets, shame or fear
    All that is left for me now
    is to be brave
    It's time to locate this brother
    or at least his grave
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    I'm terrible at giving insight on other people's works. But I liked it.
    "...the ramblings of a narcissistic, self-obsessed, deranged mind."
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    Love this one.

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