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Thread: Some decent movies I saw on youtube

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    Some decent movies I saw on youtube

    I've seen some pretty good movies over there, though some don't last on the site for long, perhaps these are still there.

    Spoorloos aka The Vanishing, 1988 -- A couple are on vacation and the woman gets abducted. The boyfriend spends years trying to find her, even appearing on TV, until he is eventually contacted by the abductor. I found this to be a great mystery/thriller.

    Carnival of Souls, 1962 -- An attractive aloof woman who plays the organ in churches sees an apparition of a strange man over and over. This one has a twilight zone vibe. I stumbled on this one day and liked it enough that I watched it again recently.

    The Phantom Carriage, 1921 -- A man is cursed because he has to take over the role of Death for a year when he dies on new year's eve. The shining type scene came as a nice surprise, I wonder how scary that was at the time. There are some other great old silents such as Nosferatu and Phantom of the Opera as well.

    "November" (2017) -- An Estonian fairy tale horror that made little sense to me but was visually wonderful, then I read some reviews and watched it a few days later and it sort of made some sense. Strange but delightful in my opinion.

    Citizen X (1995) -- Based on a book called The Killer Department, this is about the detective who helped catch the worst serial killer in Soviet Russian history. I've seen this one a few times, it has a silence of the lambs vibe and maybe it's almost as scary. Has some great actors too.

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    Thanks JJ, that was a welcome idea, now that people have to stay at home.
    There are still some old very good films that can be found on You tube like:
    The bridge over river Kwai
    "You can always find something better than death."
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    I saw "Emma." in the theater a couple of weeks ago (before being exiled to my boring house). "Emma" is perhaps Jane Austen's greatest novel, and has been made into at least four movies, Kate Beckinsale and Gwynneth Paltrow have starred in the titular role, and in "Clueless" the setting was moved to a modern high school. The latest version is directed by Autumn de Wilde, who made her bones directing music videos (this is her first feature film). It is now available on TV.

    None of the "Emma" films has been very good (Clueless is the exception, but it was a loose translation rather than an adaptation). De Wilde's version resembles a music video: it's a bizarre fashion show. Mr. Woodhouse has transformed into a Dandy, dressing in outlandishly colorful clothes. Hartfield and Donwell have become regency era museums. Mr. Knightley has transformed into a sighing and misty-eyed romantic hero.

    The flirtation between Emma and Frank Churchill is given such short shrift that (at the end) when Mr. and Mrs. Weston commiserate with Emma about Frank's deceit, their concern is incomprehensible, unless you have read the novel.

    Jane Austen's novels have often been filmed well: Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion are excellent movies; Pride and Prejudice has been made into a fine BBC adaptation (as well as two good movies). Austen's dialect can be lifted word for word from the novels - it's that good and that realistic.

    For some reason, though, Emma has been a failure on film. The bizarre period in the title of "Emma." probably suggests that it is "period" drama. De Wilde seems to think that Austen fans are interested in bizarre period fashions and stately mansions. She may be right about some Janeites. But her film didn't appeal to me. Austen's novels are NOT Georgette Heyer period pieces. Austen barely mentions what clothing any of her characters wear; she (unlike de Wilde, but like me) couldn't care less.j
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