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Thread: We Are What We Eat.

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    We Are What We Eat.

    We Are What We Eat.

    Have you noticed the serpentine awakening in this Corona crisis, by those in power and others of the same ilk, to appeal to the lowest common denominator of reasoning and to blame the “foreigner / outsider” for all the ensuing problems?

    Usually it's; Latinos, negroes, Jews, or Muslims. Eskimos never seem to get a mention.

    At the moment the focus is on the Chinese. Somewhat along the lines of, “they eat bats and snakes don’t they, which started the Corona virus pandemic.”
    Which got me thinking. If we are what we eat, what are we? I've been fortunate enough in the last 30 years to have worked and lived all around this habitat called Earth.

    Thus, yes, the Chinese eat all the parts of many exotic animals. Elsewhere, and I trust this puts it in context: the Vietnamese eat dog and have been known to drink a live pulsating snake heart in a drink as a cocktail. Africans have a penchant for “bush meat,” (monkeys etc.) The French eat horse & snails, (with garlic no doubt). Filipinos eat “balot” which is a half-formed embryo chicken egg that is swallowed, a bit like an oyster. The English eat something called “spotted dick,” and the last Methodist missionaries who went to Papua New Guinea were eaten by the natives.

    Draw your own conclusions. Bon Appetit to you all.

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    I'd rather eat spotted dick than a half-formed bird embryo, dog or pulsating snake's heart. I doubt if anyone opened a restaurant over here offering those delicacies they would make much money. I am not sure I have actually eaten spotted dick. I suppose I must have at school. I used to prefer bread and butter pudding, rice pudding and jam roly poly. I even quite liked semolina. In fact, I think I actually did like tapioca, which is the one people my age most often complain about. Just looked up the ingredients of spotted dick found out it is made of suet, which is animal fat, so definitely not vegetarian.
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    Loved this text, Manichaean.

    A very original manner of presenting diversity.
    "You can always find something better than death."
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