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Thread: The Sound of Crying

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    The Sound of Crying

    The Sound of Crying

    Hello Depression my old foe—
    Guess it was too much to think you’d go—
    Because bad memories softly creeping—
    Burn in my mind waking or sleeping—
    And these memories they cause me so much pain—
    Come back again—
    I hear the sound of crying…

    In restless dreams I turn and toss—
    Trying to fight my demons off—
    Their eyes burn like fiery headlamps—
    Their fingers long and cold, and oh, so damp—
    They eat at me with their razor-fanged maws—
    Dig in their claws—
    They cause the sound of crying…

    And in my dreams last night I saw—
    Things that chilled me to the bone—
    Memories dark as jet there glisten—
    Voices howl but I don’t listen—
    Bleak despair of things I cannot change—
    I’m so afraid—
    Cue the sound of crying…

    Fools, I say, you just don’t know—
    How very deep depression goes—
    I try to tell you, won’t you hear me?
    Or will you just sit there and fear me?
    I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst foe—
    I keep hanging on—
    Excuse the sound of crying…

    You’ll never know how hard I pray—
    You think this is some foolish choice I made—
    Let me give you a word of warning—
    You’ll never see depression coming—
    The words are still written on the wall—
    May you avoid the fall—
    And never hear the sound of crying…

    Some of us laugh
    Some of us cry
    Some of us smoke
    Some of us lie
    But it's all just the way
    that we cope with our lives...

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    I sang this out loud. I lost the tempo here and there but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm struck by both the sounds of silence and of crying. So many kinds of silences, so many kinds of crying communicated without ever uttering a word. Thankyou.
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