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Thread: Ahmadiyya Khalifah instructs his Community about Coronavius situation

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    Ahmadiyya Khalifah instructs his Community about Coronavius situation

    Hello, may peace be on you.

    The Fifth Khalifah of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community mentioned some matters on Friday, April 10, 2020, from the UK regarding the situation due to corona-virus.

    He said situation has affected everyone in world. People of the community write to him about their problems. Some members write that their dear ones are weak due to other illnesses and they are afraid that virus may not affect already weak bodies. Some have been sick due to the virus.

    Those who are help-providers, they should keep in view all precautions like wearing masks or other. People should avoid going to other people’s homes without reason. The government in the UK has stopped it. These days in the UK, despite governmental instruction, some people meet each other in parks. Permission was given for walk and to go in open air for some time, not to have picnic in parks. It is wrong way. Government has repeatedly reminded to not gather in cars. If people need to go for air, they should walk or use bicycles.

    In some places, consuls have announced to close car parking. Ahmadis should avoid such gathering.

    Many Ahmadi youth are presented by Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya [auxiliary of Ahmadi youth], to help consuls. They should do it with full precaution and prayers. Avoid carelessness and do not put yourself in danger knowingly, it would not be bravery, it is ignorance. Avoid and be very careful.

    He reminded the community: We should always remember, path of prayers is open for us. We should bow to Allah the Exalted with surety that He has opened path of prayers for us and he answers prayers. If we bow to Him with purity He accepts - in which way, He know better. In general, we should pray for self, for dears, for relatives, for Jama'at, and for humanity in general. There are many people in world, Ahmadis might be included, who does not have means of precautions, they have no facilities for cure and food, may Allah have mercy on them and on us. We do effort as community, food and cure should reach to each member and non member.

    In these days, focus on doing a lot of prayers, and prayers and prayers. May Allah the Exalted keep each member and collectively all Jama'at in His Protection. May Allah bless me and you with acceptance of prayers. I say to Ahmadiyya businesspersons that they should not try to make an unnecessary profit on their goods. Instead, especially food and essential items, they should sell these at a minimum profit. These are days of service to humanity, as is told by Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, ‘develop passion of sympathy’. These are days to pay rights of people. In this way, these are days to get nearness of God the Exalted. May Allah the Exalted enable everyone to do so, wherever there are business people they should run business with passion of sympathy, instead of making unnecessary profit.

    [based on sermon, Friday 10 April 2020, from official Ahmadiyya website]
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    Dear YALASH

    Thank you for doing your bit, in what is a common endeavour for all humanity, to fight the suffering this pandemic brings. I am personally of the opinion that in times of crisis like this, that it brings out, both the best and the worst in people. When it is over, we will laugh and we will smile. But we will never be the same.

    Take care

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