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Thread: Wrong turn

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    Wrong turn

    Route inputted into GPS
    Hmm, poor reception
    I'll have to rely on my own sense of direction.
    Im pretty sure I've made a wrong turn.
    I think I've made this turn before.
    If I recall,
    This road goes for some miles before a turn around.
    I don't have time for this.
    The radio is scratchy
    "you've lost that loving feeling... Gone, gone, gone"
    I remember this song.
    Of course there would be construction!
    25 miles per hour
    Hard hats, thick arms, shovels and concrete.
    Everything is concrete.
    I'll slow down
    They are men just trying to provide for their families, like us all.
    I don't have time for this.
    Well, isn't that a beautiful sunrise
    One you could just lose yourself in,
    Or find yourself in.
    I remember running through silver fields like this
    crunching shards of winter frost
    And balancing on the clear creek's glass
    Laughing as my feet plunged in.
    Cozy fires, hot cocoa, warm arms around me.
    Gone, gone, gone... Woh a woh
    I'm going to be late.
    I'm running low on gas.
    What if I run out before I get back.
    What if I just run over that cliff edge
    Plenty of time when
    You never turn back
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