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Thread: Banished Words for 2020

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    Banished Words for 2020

    Once a\again, it's the most wonderful time of the year. Here's the link:

    The top choice for banishment is "quid pro quo." Know why that's the term preferred over "tit for tat?" That's so we won't be confused with that other scandal of last year, if you catch my drift.

    I'n glad "quid pro quo" was chosen. Same with "Ok, boomer." But hey, what's good for the goose is good for the gooses. Millennials, am I right? How about you,"snowflakes"?

    As in the posting for last year, please feel free to post any words or phrases that you wish would be exiled. First and foremost, I'm opting for "first and foremost."

    And despite my reprimands, folks still insist that there's no majority other than a "vast" one, and they won't make a move unless it's "moving forward."

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    Hi Aunty

    I’m worried that I’m sinking fast, in so far as I’m getting flashbacks of having contributed something similar before. But at the risk of repetition, my six pence worth, mainly based on trendy effusions from politicians and corporate career types is as follows:

    To have skin in the game. (Latest by one of our UK contenders for the upcoming Labour leadership position.)

    Not a team player.

    Let us be quite clear about this.

    I done nuthing.

    It's all about perceptions (My ex-employer.)

    U’mm ah. (Current PM whilst tousling blond locks.)

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