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Thread: Uptown Witchcraft

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    Uptown Witchcraft

    In the quarter of the city with the prime real estate
    women pull up in town cars, instruct chauffeurs not to wait -
    the apartment building canopy shields visitors from rain
    a gloved and capped doorman sees them in and out again.
    The marble floor leads to the maple wood lift inside,
    manned by a man who remains for the ride
    saying nothing but 'Good Afternoon, Ma'am - where to?'
    pressing the gold button that they tell him to do..

    Rising, rising
    eyes behind dark glasses, hiding
    so he can't see -
    bodies that tremble beneath Brunello Cucinelli coats,
    mind on the contents of their Miu Miu totes -
    photos, documents, perhaps a cut lock of hair
    from husbands who've slept deep before a business trip somewhere..

    Uptown witchcraft
    modern women, big names
    people would laugh
    so they take for discretion, great pains.
    Uptown witchcraft
    moneyed women, old lines
    visit apartment 203
    at varying times.

    There are needs and agendas
    settled in the occult
    for some who just dabble,
    others to a fault...
    since time immemorial
    there's been dealings this way
    what you wish to manifest
    depends on how much you pay.
    In cash, on card machine, through crypto-currency too
    she'll warn that what you cast out
    comes back tenfold unto you.

    Uptown witchcraft,
    focus and chant -
    lights on the star,
    get what you want.
    Uptown witchcraft,
    if you have the means -
    she has the method
    ways certain, it seems
    and so
    there will always be patrons of
    in matters of anguish and love
    Uptown witchcraft.

    Copyright Yafeu-Khamisi Rodway-Brown

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    "since time immemorial
    there's been dealings this way
    what you wish to manifest
    depends on how much you pay."

    Money is like magic and the women who wield it witches.
    So thoroughly enjoyed this! The rythme was fun to read too.

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