They’re off!
All blubber running together
Gelatine humanity talking crap
Eating s hit
5G takes the lead
Global warming supporters
Forming a front pack
Rapists coming up the rear
Blubber rubbing together as they sprint
Sucking bacon fat
Protesters protesting banners held high
No more f ucking this
No more f ucking that
This is the answer
God is the answer
Repent you twat
The ambitious take the front
The violent cut them up
The children skip ahead
Their parents f uck them up
The undecided
Trip up
Trade unions have a vote
To act
Red riding hood outruns the wolf
Hoodie steals her coat
Man f ucks goat
Boy sucks boy
Girl f ucks girlfriend mother
Satan peels an egg
And puts it in your lover
All the blubber
Of the human race
Rubbing up together
Coming through the pack
Knife gangs stab
Each other backs
The middle classes
Clench their asses
Do a cheeky line
God appears
To believer cheers
Hallelujah fun
Declares his non existence
And the human race is run.