I'm a troublemaker
I'm quite unashamed to say
I trouble and I torment a new target
every day;
Oh, I cause some train-wrecks
with my wicked,
wicked way
as a true troublemaker
tries to do.

I see someone happy -
not just happy -
but serene,
and I feel that real tingle
when I'm tempted
to be mean -
I say something so terrible,
so truly troublesome,
with all intent to raise some hell -
that's just how I have fun!
I've made the Dalai Llama break his calm, of that I swear,
shout at me
and try to wrench my hair!
Greta Thurnberg
tried to strangle me once on the stairs
when she overheard
something I said about the atmosphere.
Oprah tried to bottle me once at a nice event
and railed against security until her rage was spent
I simply laughed at her
with some troublesome intent,
as a true troublemaker
likes to do.

If you are sweet and courteous,
then you are just my type...
I love to hear you rage and cuss!
I like to see you fight!
Ellen DeGeneres once charged at me
with all her might
and might I say it tickled me
the mighty darling of TV
was troubled by my mean-ness so...
For, as - by now - you know...

I'm pernicious and quite nasty,
vicious and un-classy,
should be the words they carve into my stone!
Cruel and really crappy,
vulgar, curt and snappy
all the flaws that I'm quite pleased to own!
Though, please, do not ignore me -
it only should implore me
to work much harder trying to hurt you.
As true troublemaker
likes to do!

Copyright Yafeu-Khamisi Rodway-Brown