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    Pie crust

    Each of my toes
    Sink into the carpet pile
    Warm feet
    As I climb the stairs
    And I think to myself
    I hope nobody is behind me
    And I am actually alone.
    My fingers expertly flick light switches
    And I hum some tune
    And hope
    That in the darkness behind
    Nobody holds a bronze bust
    Of Nefertiti
    To crash into my skull
    Collapsing it like the crust of a pie
    Exposing pink spam
    Whilst I slide
    Back down the stairs
    open dripping mouthed
    Eyes all fixed on the artex ceiling
    Getting an early night.

    For those who believe,
    no explanation is necessary.
    For those who do not,
    none will suffice.

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    A curious fantasy; brained by Nerfertiti. I suppose there could be worse ways to go. I guess that's what they call being busted. Lights out, no change. Keep those feet warm, comrade.

    Live and be well - H

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